Anthony Marshi: Reflecting on Co-Founding and Serving as CEO


It has been a true honor to serve as CEO and Chairman of Georgetown Ventures. I am most grateful for our incredible team – the creation of GV would not have been possible without their devotion, hard work and passion for entrepreneurship. What makes GV so special is the people behind the organization. When you think about it, GV is itself a startup. We were all in this together - starting an organization from the ground up - and the reason why I think we were successful is because we all had this entrepreneurial spirit in common. I sincerely believe we have formed a community of entrepreneurs: something the Georgetown student body so desperately needs given the entrepreneurial drive Hoyas hold. I am confident that whenever I come back to visit the Hilltop, the GV family will still be around and well, continuing to fulfill their mission of serving the entrepreneurial community.

Theodore Montgomery