Theo Montgomery: Reflecting on Co-Founding GV and Serving as COO


Georgetown Ventures (GV) was created with three goals: 
1) To provide the best programs possible to entrepreneurs,
2) To learn together, and
3) To really add to the entrepreneurial community of Georgetown.

But what makes a successful entrepreneurial community?

Do you need a top-flight engineering school? How about a couple hundred thousand dollars a year in seed funding? Famous alumni founders?

For the last twelve months I’ve been trying to answer this question myself. What I’ve found is that, more than anything else, it is the people that make an entrepreneurial community. People  support each other, people put in the time to foster a community, and people ultimately make the effort worth it. Even people that do not self-identify as entrepreneurs have a lot to give.

Anthony and I founded GV on the principle that entrepreneurship is accessible to anyone. In recruiting for GV, we de-emphasized the importance of prior experience, instead focusing on interest and drive. Despite knowing very little about conventional startup methodologies, we were able to take an idea and made it a reality because of the amazing and engaged people we’ve met.

To the fifteen+ startups we have worked with, thank you for giving us a chance despite our inexperience. I’m grateful for the focus of our Venture Accelerator members and the flexibility of our LaunchPad cohort.

To Alyssa Lovegrove and Jeff Reid, thank you for taking a chance on our idea, and giving us the advice and support to grow. To EIRs, particularly Pat, Fiona, and Marc, thank you for mentoring us and providing us with our framework for customer discovery best practices. The knowledge sharing was invaluable.

And of course, to GV members past and present, thank you for being a part of something truly special. The first words are on the page, but the story of GV has yet to be written. The model for GV we’ve created has real room for improvement, and I look forward to seeing what you can do to redefine what entrepreneurship means to Georgetown.

Georgetown is a truly special place - our hilltop brings together highly skilled students with the access of Washington DC to drive toward the Jesuit end of serving the common good. The Georgetown experience offers so much to those willing to get engaged, and there are many people here ready to help you make your dreams a reality.

Speak up and get involved! We’re always looking to grow, and we can’t do this without you. All types of people have something to offer - whether students, staff, professors, or alumni, we welcome your involvement. We’re all in this together, after all.

Theodore Montgomery