Four Divisions



The Consulting Division is responsible for applying knowledge of startup best-practices to make recommendations to the ventures we take on. Consulting works in-depth with founders to identify areas of improvement and provide solutions for strategic priorities.




The Finance Division is responsible for allocating the funding of Georgetown Ventures to startups, both those accepted to GVs consulting program as well as to entrepreneurs with early-stage venture ideas. Finance complements consulting services by providing financial modeling and best-practices training to startups.




LaunchPad is responsible for leading the training we provide to early-stage entrepreneurs by teaching them lean startup methodologies and keeping them accountable for their milestones. 



External Relations

The External Relations Division is responsible for publicizing the events and activities of Georgetown Ventures and its startups to develop awareness on-campus. ER helps foster our network of engaged, enthusiastic individuals and organizations and leverages their expertise, resources, and connections to assist Georgetown Ventures and its startups.