Four Divisions



The consulting division functions within the Venture Accelerator Program and is organised by project teams. A project manager and a four-person consulting team are assigned to each start-up in collaborating exclusively with its founders to conduct market research, develop strategies to overcome challenges, and turn a minimum viable product into a successful, profit-making business.

The semester begins with an initial meeting with the entrepreneurs to identify client needs and establish a working timeline for the semester. Since the start-up world is highly dynamic, the consulting team meets weekly with the founders to discuss progress, address new updates, and make any necessary pivots according to the situation. The consulting team finishes the semester with the presentation of a final deliverable summarizing progress-to-date, empirical findings, and the team’s recommendations for the start-up moving forward.

Within the VA program, consultants also support the finance division by providing research for reliable and accurate financial projections, as well as weighing in on the GV grant process. The consulting division is experienced in a number of sectors, including consumer goods, technology, software, and luxury retail, and continues to be the premier resource and support for the success of entrepreneurship at Georgetown.




The finance division in Georgetown Ventures supports all Venture Accelerator start-ups on three interconnected areas: investor relations, research, and quantitative analysis. Investor relations include drafting pitch decks and connecting entrepreneurs with local angel investors with well-aligned investment philosophies; research guides financial analysis by identifying comparable companies, precedent transactions, and other empirical data; quantitative analysis creates the financial models and metrics based on the research data to support the founders’ financial planning and capital raising.

The finance division oversees GV’s grant process, which is a way to support its start-ups financially and help them succeed, without taking an equity stake. Organizationally, a project leader is assigned to each start-up who acts as the direct liaison with the entrepreneurs and is responsible for staffing assignments, while the general members maintain constant engagement with the founders, focusing on specific tasks as dictated by their needs.

The division also supports the consulting teams by providing relevant financial analysis and projections to inform their recommendations. GV’s finance division works collaboratively and flexibly to meet the unique demands of its VA entrepreneurs in the dynamic world of start-up finance.




LaunchPad is responsible for leading the training we provide to early-stage entrepreneurs by teaching them lean startup methodologies. LaunchPad members also work as one-on-one consultants to these early-stage ventures.



External Relations

The external relations division is responsible for publicizing the events and activities of Georgetown Ventures and its startups to develop awareness on-campus. ER team members also work directly with our entrepreneurs to help them with marketing and building their brands.

The marketing team posts regularly on Georgetown Ventures’ social media accounts to update our community on upcoming events and our startup’s activities. 

The outreach team reaches out to entrepreneurs, VCs, angel investors, alumni and companies to build up Georgetown Ventures’ mentorship and partnership network with the end goal of producing events and fundraising.