Our Process

Our process is divided by how far along entrepreneurs are in terms of their development. Those that are just starting up will work with our Launchpad team while more established entrepreneurs will work with our Venture Accelerator team. Check the page below for more information on the sorts of services we provide!



LaunchPad is designed for early-stage entrepreneurs and is led by our trained student team alongside Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) and startup founders. Throughout the program, participants are guided through the process of customer discovery through interactive presentations, check-ins, and problem-solving. Members will be a part of a cohort that meets weekly, and will be taught the methodologies used by premier national incubators to their startups.


Venture Accelerator

Venture Accelerator is our full program designed for entrepreneurs with developed start ups. Start ups benefit from all of our services and resources as we create tailored and unique solutions for their growth and development. Students can expect intensive engagement so our teams can understand where our members can provide the most value for founders.